Real Estate Broker Required Education

Some Real Estate Agents Failed to Keep up with their Required Education

According to The Portland Business Journal, 45% of agents that were audited fell short of meeting the legal requirements to renew their real estate licenses.

A seller who’s real estate agent who’s hasn’t completed their required education may be putting both themselves and the seller at risk. It’s difficult to find out if an agent has completed all the required continuing education courses. However, you can find out how experienced by their production and chances are they will be more up-to-date with the required education to maintain their license.

The state is paying closer attention to this. We understand that they’re working on a system for course providers to be automatically notified when an agent takes a required course. While it’s likely to be an overwhelming task to keep up with the nearly 900 renewals of agents here in Oregon every month. There are nearly 19,000 agents in Oregon.

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