Should we be concerned about radon?

Radon is a gas that can be in the soil. It’s the number one leading cause of lung cancer after smoking in the US. Also, reports have shown that one in four homes in the Portland area has an elevated level of radon.

What tests are available for Radon?

Since Radon is located in the soil, it can come up through a crack in your foundation. Do-it-yourself tests are available for purchase at most hardware stores. You would collect the samples and send it to a lab. Also, professionals can perform a test for less than $200.

Would a do-it-yourself & professional test yield the same results?

I would recommend starting with a do-it-yourself test. Carefully follow the directions and if your lab results show Radon, I would recommend hiring a professional to complete a test. The professional will collect more data than the standard do-it-yourself test. Also, if their test reveals levels of Radon that requires mitigation, they can give you a bid to remove the gas from your home.

Do homebuyers perform Radon tests?

Although, it’s not common knowledge to the average homebuyer, we recommend our clients to test for Radon as it’s prevalent in our area.

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