January – Should I Sell My Portland Home Now Or Wait ‘Til Spring?

Should I Sell My Portland Home Now Or Wait ‘Til Spring?

Home sellers are wondering if they should sell their home now or in the Spring.


Well. . . the answer might surprise you. While most home sellers are thinking about selling in the Spring, most home buyers start thinking about buying in January. Now that the holidays are behind them, they are ready to start looking at homes. Since most home buyers start their search online and can take (on average) 60 days to decide on a home, a seller in today’s market would be smart to get their home on the market in January or February to take advantage of all this demand. This year in particular, due to low interest rates and the fact that most buyers believe prices will continue to rise, the Spring “buying season” has started even earlier than usual.

It’s simple supply and demand. Why wait to put your Portland home on the market in the Spring when there will be more competition. I would suggest marketing it now while there is lots of demand and not much supply. It’s the best way to get the most money for your home.



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