Builders, Land Development and the First-Time Home Buyer

Builders, Land Development and the First-Time Home Buyer

The limited home inventory in Portland is tight and it’s getting tighter.

The real estate market downturn of 2007 caused most land development to come to a grinding halt. Now that the market has picked back up, builders are looking for new projects by purchasing existing homes (such as fixers, entry level etc.) to develop the land. Builders are now directly in competition with the first-time homebuyers for these homes.

How is this affecting home sales?

It’s increasing demand which increases market value if there’s competition for the house. Typically, builders can pay cash, close quickly and waive inspections as they are removing the existing house to build a more expensive home.

Is the City of Portland concerned?

Land use laws and urban growth boundaries direct development in Portland. If there’s a shortage of available land, builders are required to look at existing properties for development. I know several builders that weren’t interested in building in Multnomah county three years ago but they are now.

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