Changing Interest Rates of Jumbo & Conventional Home Loans

Changing Interest Rates of Jumbo & Conventional Home Loans

Interest rates for home loans which exceed $417,000 (jumbo loans) have been averaging a lower interest rate than a traditional 20% down conventional loan. Currently, a $250,000 loan is paying a higher interest rate than in jumbo loan.

Shouldn’t jumbo loans have a higher interest rate for putting the bank at a higher risk?

There are some changes changes that are happening in the current lending industry. Conventional loan fees have increased due to lenders sustaining losses. Also, lenders are using jumbo loans to entice wealthy individuals to serve their other financial needs such as brokerage services and financial management.

Is it going to stay this way?

No, it’s temporary. Now the high-end homes are selling, bankers are using the conventional loans to make up for some of the losses. Once the lenders start taking losses on the jumbo loans, it’ll change again.

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