Rick Sadle at KPAM Radio Segment


Mark and Dave for Rick Sadle and the Home Selling Team at Keller Williams. He’s gonna sell your home because frankly it’s in his DNA, because the name Sadle, means SOLD, if you go back to the origins of the English language.

Because we’ve given you this historic lesson on the history of Sadle, SOLD! Now we’re gonna give you a phone number and we would like you to write this down maybe even if you can commit it to memory but write this down because if you don’t plan to sell your home today, maybe it’s tomorrow maybe it’s next week but when you do, you want to get home your home sold quickly and you want top dollar. Well, that’s when you look it up in the source it says that Sadle means SOLD quickly with top dollar.

503-231-6560 that is the telephone number direct to Rick Sadle Home Selling Team at Keller Williams. 503-231-6560 he’s on track to sell 200 homes this year. We tell you that because most Realtors sold five or six in a year. He’s on track again to sell 200, might as well make yours part of that 200 and you can move on take your money and reinvest it. Maybe you’re scaling down whatever your plan is let Rick help you, we can’t wait to help you 503 231 6560. Rick Sadle The Home Selling Team at Keller Williams 503 231 6560.

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