Should buyers & sellers purchase a home warranty?

Should buyers & sellers purchase a home warranty?

Quite honestly, home warranties are a great idea.

When we’re selling a home, it’s something we use as a value proposition. We market the home warranty to potential purchasers. During the transaction, a home warranty can help with inspection or repair negotiations.

Recently we had an inspection on one of my listings where the inspector found that the furnace was functional but it was near the end of its useful life. In lieu of replacing the $3500 furnace, the seller offered the buyer a home warranty. If something goes wrong in the near future, for a service fee of $60, the buyer will have the furnace repaired.

What is the cost of a home warranty?

A one year home warranty will cost approximately between $400-$500 depending on which company and add-ons you choose. They’re definitely worth the money.

We purchase one every year for our house. Our oven stopped functioning so we filed a claim with the home warranty company. They weren’t able to repair it due to it’s age (they couldn’t find the parts to repair it) so they purchased us a brand new $1200 oven.

Our buyer specialists search for homes that offer complimentary home warranties as it provides additional protection for the buyer. However, if we cannot find a home where the seller is offering a home warranty, we suggest for our buyers to purchase one themselves.

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